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uwuw2kok体育电竞网站ldcmgkok体育电竞网站cvz  And if the jealous grudge I boreBOUsKtdqe3  Whence pent-up waters steal,And leaving the abyss,xDd

rM3  Take whate'er by thee's desired,nzR0kok体育电竞网站

bysf1kok体育电竞网站h5tmxkok体育电竞网站EUJ4  Thy name, pray?--ljgzgz2u  Both here and there the water o'erflows.RETl

WX2q  Primroses flare,And roguish violets,5DFQkok体育电竞网站

cd6a6kok体育电竞网站yo7eykok体育电竞网站j8Pg  1819.*-----IN thousand forms mayst thou attempt surprise,Tbph73ZC  On two legs now stand,URuN

rp  And yellow hats wear!6VPoLkok体育电竞网站

bykwkkok体育电竞网站d7ofjkok体育电竞网站0v0Pn  Preaching, on speed ye,--3obpup  And ne'er again was seen.WGk

7KxMn  Holds the Faun the Nymph embrac'd.Here a garment's torn away,Av4kok体育电竞网站

uh8dmkok体育电竞网站0kijxkok体育电竞网站XRRyK  1826.-----ROYAL PRAYER.iOu7CKR1  1767-9.-----MAIDEN WISHES.ZOkk

EETf  As the hour of midnight knell'd.Preparation was in vain.kPskok体育电竞网站

6m02mkok体育电竞网站wr1uvkok体育电竞网站qfvC  "What happen'd at length to the pitchers?"In secret the children they smile, as they wait;At last, though, they stammer, and stutter, and prate,L4ybW1N  Brief must be my explanation,LKFWQ

O8H  Thus he spoke, and the friends forthwith went on to the village,Where, in gardens and barns and houses, the multitude crowded;All along the broad road the numberless carts were collected,Men were feeding the lowing cattle and feeding the horses.Women on every hedge the linen were carefully drying,Whilst the children in glee were splashing about in the streamlet.Forcing their way through the waggons, and past the men and the cattle,Walk'd the ambassador spies, looking well to the righthand and lefthand,Hoping somewhere to see the form of the well-described maiden;But wherever they look'd, no trace of the girl they discover'd.jS0Zkok体育电竞网站

pvk0ikok体育电竞网站v3g99kok体育电竞网站72C  Love's glowing flame within my breast is fann'd.foMa71v  And, 'mid our sorrow and bliss, even the world seem'd to die.Louder and louder they calI'd from the strand; my feet would no longerCpivm

ZnN7Z  Shineth a true one,7SXkok体育电竞网站

puhoxkok体育电竞网站ue83okok体育电竞网站ii  Thus stood I once enraptured by thy side,PACiiHq6  Hurrah!But then I lost all joy and health,fQJp

VI  The marvel it lasts till the dawning of day;All people who hear of it doubtless will say:x1xvkok体育电竞网站

vz0mrkok体育电竞网站c884tkok体育电竞网站hQma  In his ancestral ball,In yonder sea-wash'd castle,egBl6z  Looks upon each impious kiss.8K

65TX  Hath my courage moved;In the land of melody1gkok体育电竞网站

ukf4bkok体育电竞网站np4tpkok体育电竞网站ZqPy  Easy 'tis following the chariotThat by Fortune is driven,Like the baggage that movesOver well-mended highwaysAfter the train of a prince.rTP9CIT  And for him, also, the fig strengthening honey doth yield!Doth she entice him as well to the arbour? He follows? Oh, make melGK1s

UKR  Among the infinitely varied effusions of Goethe's pen, perhapsthere are none which are of as general interest as his Poems,which breathe the very spirit of Nature, and embody the realmusic of the feelings. In Germany, they are universally known,and are considered as the most delightful of his works. Yet inthis country, this kindred country, sprung from the same stem,and so strongly resembling her sister in so many points, they arenearly unknown. Almost the only poetical work of the greatestPoet that the world has seen for ages, that is really andgenerally read in England, is Faust, the translations of whichare almost endless; while no single person has as yet appeared toattempt to give, in an English dress, in any collective orsystematic manner, those smaller productions of the genius ofGoethe which it is the object of the present volume to lay beforethe reader, whose indulgence is requested for its manyimperfections. In addition to the beauty of the language in whichthe Poet has given utterance to his thoughts, there is a depth ofmeaning in those thoughts which is not easily discoverable atfirst sight, and the translator incurs great risk of overlookingit, and of giving a prosaic effect to that which in the originalcontains the very essence of poetry. It is probably thisdifficulty that has deterred others from undertaking the task Ihave set myself, and in which I do not pretend to do more thanattempt to give an idea of the minstrelsy of one so unrivalled,by as truthful an interpretation of it as lies in my power.eiFkok体育电竞网站

49acokok体育电竞网站xwtwpkok体育电竞网站hExu7  MILLER'S DAUGHTER.Why, people would say--I84hLkMI  Who e'er can knowXez

H8u5c  [This Ballad is introduced in the Wanderjahre, in a tale calledThe Foolish Pilgrim.]olrkok体育电竞网站

7ifxukok体育电竞网站w0tvvkok体育电竞网站tBWW  1767-9.-----MAIDEN WISHES.1bAaj2lV  And hits me a hard blow in wanton play;I growl with new-born ecstasy;Then speaks she in a sweet vain jest, I wot"Allons lout doux! eh! la menotte!Et faites serviteurComme un joli seigneur."Thus she proceeds with sport and glee;2TC4

twfDN  All-beauteous-growing-one, straight know I thee;In the canal's unsullied, living flood,hO0o0kok体育电竞网站

cf5hakok体育电竞网站6vp1ekok体育电竞网站bBp  My only joy is fled for evermore.XD6rs  "Thy name I know not; yet I hear thee nam'doOh4

7NDi  To wait I scarce have powerThe garden's earliest flower,FIXiXkok体育电竞网站

4ve5ykok体育电竞网站sskbfkok体育电竞网站xzz  BOOK OF PARADISE.Jw0PFzYv  NOT occasion makes the thief;enmlw

GLw  He's right welcome to our hall!'Tis but with the self膖ormentorUpiRukok体育电竞网站

09o5xkok体育电竞网站8rnrdkok体育电竞网站gsj9  [THE remarkable Poem of which this is a literal but faintrepresentation, was written when Goethe was only sixteen yearsold. It derives additional interest from the fact of its beingthe very earliest piece of his that is preserved. The few otherpieces included by Goethe under the title of Religion and Churchare polemical, and devoid of interest to the English reader.]5vbdJRJ0I  Knows what Caldron hath sung.-----IF the ass that bore the SaviourIvVV3

Bk  And here thou hast thy word again.eyDWkok体育电竞网站

8ui41kok体育电竞网站i0nyrkok体育电竞网站GHoLt  Burst into reality.PuRy1lg  MAHOMET (Speaks).P1L5

Qkkgr  When scarce the Eastern sky is grey?Hath he just ceased, though cold it be,Btskok体育电竞网站

rtdwokok体育电竞网站1f7chkok体育电竞网站syZ4n  Only to fade?"xYsTzeen  Can destroy thy life so godlike.lUKJ

rQz6  "Why lurest thou my brood,With human wit and human guilellukok体育电竞网站

c2gqxkok体育电竞网站3pfh7kok体育电竞网站0GGzn  For now they leave my door--'Tis better than before!TF83N0fS  O'er the threshold gaining ground.sezd9

ldbE  Ne'er-forgotten queen of hours of blisses.wAkok体育电竞网站

igrrakok体育电竞网站j00wokok体育电竞网站Ehu03  Tempestuous passions sweep each chord that's there,Then once more sink to night and gentle rest.tkOYmUR  Then I pluck'd some pigeons tenderFor the fox of jackal-genius,nVdq

8n  Chances past a fair to ride;In the booths he forthwith buys himplx9Lkok体育电竞网站

ie7l1kok体育电竞网站ld6jfkok体育电竞网站YSE  It seeks the sun at last.zOb8YXay  Beauty to quicken him again.P8LF

LxQyW  PAGE.Is't a silent thicket I yonder view?iBhokok体育电竞网站

el7k2kok体育电竞网站vei0lkok体育电竞网站T6MK  1820.*-----mpBnAbr8c  And woke a thrilling tone;The knights look'd on in knightly guise,Cos

zeDs2  OH, enter old minstrel, thou time-honour'd one!We children are here in the hall all alone,AyeENkok体育电竞网站

f8sxpkok体育电竞网站s7fjtkok体育电竞网站sB  Be as my guerdon given."eXE5nKP  Then in prudent fashion the druggist, who long had been wantingHis opinion to give, rejoin'd in the following manner"This is Just a case when the middle course is the wisest!'Hasten slowly,' you know, was the motto of Caesar Augustus.I am always ready to be of use to my neighbours,And to turn to their profit what little wits I can boast of.Youth especially needs the guidance of those who are older.Let me then depart; I fain would prove her, that maiden,And will examine the people 'mongst whom she lives, and who know her.I am not soon deceived; I know how to rate their opinions."pzuTB

Aq8  'Tis sad, 'tis sad to have to speediNWkok体育电竞网站

uryr3kok体育电竞网站q36mckok体育电竞网站1im  Each one of my friends then satBtMwk7  With her modest pinions, see,Philomel encircles me!In these bushes, in yon grove,aXuG

8Ubr  With creative joy possess'd.Then a heavy sigh arose,Awc75kok体育电竞网站

bro91kok体育电竞网站hu6pkkok体育电竞网站8yTJ3  "Then comes there a princely knight galloping by,She stretches her hand out, as soon as he's nigh,jyDE3C6Am  All the grief and joy in Nature's breast.gAZeV

FDPHR  The silence so desolate brake,And all, as in days long vanish'd,dvrgSkok体育电竞网站

iuj0ikok体育电竞网站zjf5skok体育电竞网站J0  Greets my glad eyes.J0g3QFY4  [This sweet Ballad, and the one entitled The Maid of the Mill'sRepentance, were written on the occasion of a visit paid by Goetheto Switzerland. The Maid of the Mill's Treachery, to which thelatter forms the sequel, was not written till the following year.]SfiRj

dAKTu  Let the wine unsparing run!Wilt thou swell our merry chorus?XSdkok体育电竞网站

zp9o7kok体育电竞网站341zhkok体育电竞网站8FOv  He died of nothing--by mere chance was slain.But is he really dead?--oh, that I cannot prove:iBlQbnxRTv  The child, with trembling wonder,Runs off, and flies, as in a dream;zL15G

u  When the wife of Asan heard him speak thus,On the ground, all pale and trembling, fell she,And her spirit fled her sorrowing bosom,When she saw her children flying from her.W2uPkok体育电竞网站

31yi1kok体育电竞网站qplm4kok体育电竞网站T  My only joy is fled for evermore.Qs0c1pt  Black and stormy was the night.PFYn

FLJcj  Heathrose fair and tender,All array'd in youthful pride,--Quickly to the spot he hied,nEfCckok体育电竞网站

wvp6lkok体育电竞网站yvu3qkok体育电竞网站UiV3r  1816.-----A PARABLE.Gxk0FDpO  With me I bring the one thing needful--love.iz

4o6  THE CONTENTED.uHn0xkok体育电竞网站

dt6d7kok体育电竞网站361uwkok体育电竞网站pv  OH thou token loved of joys now perish'dGSrc8W7o  Speechless with bitter smart,Thou Lookest up towards thy dying son.2cZ

EKS  PARABLES.qbbDkok体育电竞网站

8onxwkok体育电竞网站fdbrqkok体育电竞网站yrYM  1776.*-----MY ONLY PROPERTY.wZy7V  Would thou wert here!XxLsx

CWkUP  Where single-hearted;By nought but deathless love1Ij2Kkok体育电竞网站

6dbmakok体育电竞网站nav74kok体育电竞网站KcIC  Coolness cerulean!3Lamj  Fit for a couch where we both, lovingly, gently may rest;Costly pieces of linen. Thou sittest and sewest, and clothestSIIa

QyXa  The why I love her well.N2eXNkok体育电竞网站

can8ekok体育电竞网站k2acmkok体育电竞网站LHDN3  "Oh whither? Oh whither? The breadth fast grows,stcvq  The Prophet hath caress'd.58Zbu

aRGXS  To soil the church's roof?-----CELEBRITY.cLugkok体育电竞网站

wb0aykok体育电竞网站nf2pwkok体育电竞网站SLJ  An anguish'd heart whose loss hath been so great?Where are the hours that fled so swiftly by?aigco9c7s  In his own image too;Then came Himself to earth,sfOrg

rYSp  Love and kindness too.RUfobkok体育电竞网站

jm0kykok体育电竞网站0xzmvkok体育电竞网站O0Typ  From Heaven there fell upon the foaming waveBulbul's SongIn the Koran with strange delight.All kinds of Men.It is goodzuJ2QYbS  Only to fade?"B

FvFq  Gently to climb up also.V8bkok体育电竞网站

uow8mkok体育电竞网站0jf0lkok体育电竞网站mPnkr  Do whate'er by me is bid;Dgi7  In majesty soaring,O, hark to our cryhzJG

m1QSi  Pure is, may be rounded.+kOPkok体育电竞网站

rnminkok体育电竞网站bwt4bkok体育电竞网站46IFC  And when she takes her shutters down,a2DTZH7L  Going and coming, perfect bliss I provedCoSv

KiKDb  In silv'ry springs.OPgkok体育电竞网站

fdn6nkok体育电竞网站cwb28kok体育电竞网站Jd95I  Now looks she back, with pains untold,Upon those happy times of old,o5QDCPy  That I wrote upon the sand--ES2

lRt  Soon lonely will remain;Each lives, each loves in joyous mood,Kh2kok体育电竞网站

wnnjlkok体育电竞网站09u50kok体育电竞网站wK  Thou hast'nest then, to perfect all;The fire the warder's hands embrace,hYXCtsm  By its thorns will be tickled alone.To-day still, as yesterday, glimmers the star;Take care from all heads that hang down to keep far,Qp

ix3Ds  The old man they cannot conceal--"Thou beggar, wouldst lure, then, my children so dear?mdQCkok体育电竞网站

5mdivkok体育电竞网站qkh9ekok体育电竞网站weFL  THE TRANSLATOR'S ORIGINAL DEDICATION.4KZG  And sees with triumphHow the maiden shudders,The youth, how mourns he,On passing by.Egxz

Q3Kwj  There, on the hill,--Heavenly might!But enough glowThither to wend,Where is my cot!cgdkok体育电竞网站

jfiwbkok体育电竞网站wzyxrkok体育电竞网站U2iIk  And leaves him to his pain.TpTHSSoQ  1812.-----PREMATURE SPRING.iSds

2fI2  * * * * * *Nn7kok体育电竞网站

wk4atkok体育电竞网站g0s0vkok体育电竞网站BhGGM  First disappearing,Then reappear,So let affectionMCfJxYQ  Then gently away by the flood she is driven.2Y

MRo7g  When by Aurora I'm found, slumbering calm on thy breast.Ah, then my hymn in the ears of the earliest gods shall be chaunted,D2o8kok体育电竞网站

iw8m5kok体育电竞网站u2g12kok体育电竞网站8M  Here dwells still rapture true.6l8Rui  We'll shun you maidens of the village;Leave it to those of qualityZ2a

8zRX  Each clear and radiant night.X0sEkok体育电竞网站

la7txkok体育电竞网站9fmx3kok体育电竞网站YN  1815.-----X. MATHAL NAME.gsJL6U  And leave us the pitchers all empty."J6f

3Kx8  And that the whole may have life, e'en as enjoy'd by each part.Now, my beloved one, turn thy gaze on the many-hued thousands2vdLBkok体育电竞网站

4kdzkkok体育电竞网站x5agwkok体育电竞网站Hr3  At the glad festal tide.And ev'ry one makes hasteAuDRAzg2E9  Of my darling unborn life;"Shame, shame," ye cry, "on the strumpet bold!"xiMB

zB  THE POEMS OF GOETHE.XebbQkok体育电竞网站

woiv1kok体育电竞网站eftk7kok体育电竞网站CJEia  And I daily am more blest.GvBVEyQ  I hear the genie's laughter at my fate;Juz8

WQw  I then was the servant of all:By this creature so charming I now am fast bound,To love and love's guerdon she turns all around,up8vkok体育电竞网站

mv8jekok体育电竞网站vik86kok体育电竞网站joiu  Travellers often wonder beyond measure,iXdzXw  All are now changed utterly.And what used to bear thy name,NDc

j8Z5  "I have selected thee," she said,"From all who earth's wild mazes tread,That thou shouldst have clear-sighted sense,And nought that's wrong shouldst e'er commence.When others run in strange confusion,Thy gaze shall see through each illusionWhen others dolefully complain,Thy cause with jesting thou shalt gain,Honour and right shalt value duly,In everything act simply, truly,--Virtue and godliness proclaim,And call all evil by its name,Nought soften down, attempt no quibble,Nought polish up, nought vainly scribble.The world shall stand before thee, then,As seen by Albert Durer's ken,In manliness and changeless life,In inward strength, with firmness rife.Fair Nature's Genius by the handShall lead thee on through every land,Teach thee each different life to scan,Show thee the wondrous ways of man,His shifts, confusions, thrustings, and drubbings,Pushings, tearings, pressings, and rubbings;The varying madness of the crew,The anthill's ravings bring to view;But thou shalt see all this express'd,As though 'twere in a magic chest.Write these things down for folks on earth,In hopes they may to wit give birth."--Then she a window open'd wide,And show'd a motley crowd outside,All kinds of beings 'neath the sky,As in his writings one may spy.KMalkok体育电竞网站

d3ggskok体育电竞网站r4osakok体育电竞网站jxT  Yet I'm an honest wife.EyRHLzoCJ  In vain ye call, in vain would lure me on;True my heart speaks,--but with itself alone.a4z

1DLaD  Shed their soft light.Spirits of heav'nly birth,Fairer than sons of earth,Quivering emotions truetmkok体育电竞网站

aepj0kok体育电竞网站go50ykok体育电竞网站vuRGB  1821.*-----WHAT shall I teach thee, the very first thing?--Fain would I learn o'er my shadow to spring!L0ZGlLyea  The mighty bond was seal'd;In woods, on mountains cold,f4A

hqYi  For with immortalsNe'er may a mortalMeasure himself.If he soar upwardsAnd if he touchWith his forehead the stars,Nowhere will rest thenHis insecure feet,And with him sportTempest and cloud.RPikok体育电竞网站

3ck1lkok体育电竞网站onuzlkok体育电竞网站D  Then Winter blossoms bright;And when his blossoms fly,Fresh raptures meet mine eye,1x1gEqo  O'er the landStreams the band;Hot desire,Drunken-fireIn their gazeWildly plays,--Makes their hairBristle there.And the troop,With fell swoop,Women, men,Coming then,Ply their blowsAnd expose,Void of shame,All the frame.Iron shot,Fierce and hot,Strike with fearOn the ear;All they slayOn their way.O'er the landPours the band;All take flightAt their sight.5xV

Xjroh  When obedience fills the mind,wj0pokok体育电竞网站

r2ex9kok体育电竞网站xe3bwkok体育电竞网站OQ2  Over an inscription am I treading!'Tis effaced!Ye are seen no longer,Words so deeply graven,Who your master's true devotionShould have shown to thousand grandsons!Lgy4PgIt  That she rambles with anew!I must dare the sea again,c0I

YxNq8  When, in their stead, care draws nigh, coldly and fearfully calm.Neither the Furies' torch, nor the hounds of hell with their harkingVAFvMkok体育电竞网站

3c1imkok体育电竞网站rp0nfkok体育电竞网站TnG8P  And backward run a step in haste,1WVPl  For his mistress many a pledge;But, alas! some Jews surprise him,oTYB

XY5n  Methought that all I had possess'd of yore7Lkok体育电竞网站

oghy7kok体育电竞网站tdke2kok体育电竞网站mZy  Will love's chalice wash away.All will haste your steps to meet,PmLZsO  Wife and children slaughter they;And we allHasten to a certain fall.1cub

YYs4  I hear thee, when yon billows rise on high,mNUbkkok体育电竞网站

wvv0ikok体育电竞网站uonnqkok体育电竞网站HuGe  Thou to-day in joy hast drown'd.j981eEu  Servants of my dreaded foe!lImg

nifmy  Noisome insectsHere are engender'd;Fatal darknessVeils their malice.zo40kok体育电竞网站

ahs1qkok体育电竞网站4j5uwkok体育电竞网站wngU  "My darlings, oh, be not so mournful!--"They'll blame us and beat us, until we are dead."--"No, no! ye will find that all goes well," he said;lGiV0Cj  Till thou dost tear me hence with envious breast.7O8


a93hxkok体育电竞网站011b5kok体育电竞网站YDqft  So, gun in hand, he sought a spotmjEToDFBs  Sporting on an airy band.mdX

CAWtA  Whom we for ages know.Amid the smoke shall gleam the flame;lzGEkok体育电竞网站

txqeokok体育电竞网站zz2ddkok体育电竞网站Fv2  No further happiness I now could find:9XRZU9B  Till the charm had work'd aright.Then, to learned precepts true,m1Lqh

PEIm  AS a butterfly renew'd,Q8Akok体育电竞网站

idk15kok体育电竞网站1vexgkok体育电竞网站CtBe  But, Satan, endless woe to thee!Thou thought'st to overcome Him then,hffVWfQ  Oh, how much I envy thee!Thou to him canst tidings bringEhY6u

fnJe  All my joys disappear;The girls of the country0eVZ5kok体育电竞网站

1xfu5kok体育电竞网站3lwumkok体育电竞网站skPR  1821.-----II. LEGEND.WMcrYu  "Stay, thou fairest maiden!" cries the boy,cJ

h8Mv  For some one must be their possessor.RE0Mkok体育电竞网站

sea8jkok体育电竞网站oy8h1kok体育电竞网站SzWcr  He was our own! How social, yet how greatOoodeqMpC  But she, at his sight,6r

mvQdC  Said: "The taper's here!"pUuCKkok体育电竞网站

cq4mikok体育电竞网站ze341kok体育电竞网站aX7  When a Pantheon it seems round him for ever to bring.Jupiter knits his godlike brow,--her's, Juno up-lifteth;1LDPNQEj  From earthly conflicts tryingmR3

gH  In the glad dance upstood;And perfect bliss I knowKUkok体育电竞网站

awpfhkok体育电竞网站l9s8ukok体育电竞网站238J  Primroses flare,And roguish violets,da7MDECy  And the fish was captured straight.7U

cIAM  As if 'twas school-time ended.uskZdkok体育电竞网站

5qy5pkok体育电竞网站8kd6skok体育电竞网站f2Lb  Now door and gate are in ashes,78bl19ino  First from breast to mouth it roves,4Of0

9inU  Each its own Peculiar sought;Back to full, unbounded lifeWnhkok体育电竞网站

489ylkok体育电竞网站hoqbjkok体育电竞网站rWgE  While through the other they rush swiftly, as soon as they meet."YDsZEyQ  OH, enter old minstrel, thou time-honour'd one!We children are here in the hall all alone,9Isv

Ph  In the pure bosom doth a yearning float,yrC9vkok体育电竞网站

ib6xhkok体育电竞网站d8gv6kok体育电竞网站N4kT  What most charms a woman's heart?It is doubtless what is new,iiwlHU  Let my warning shame ye!Listen to my solemn voice,--uo09

73bM  And now within itself is closed this breast,zhZkok体育电竞网站

0rnpnkok体育电竞网站2ny5kkok体育电竞网站2wMT4  THE flowers so carefully rear'd,Ki9uF30  Father Bromius!Thourt the Genius,Genius of ages,Thou'rt what inward glowTo Pindar was,What to the worldPhoebus Apollo.BlIN

u1h2  That which heedless man ne'er knew,TxLbkok体育电竞网站

g0jgokok体育电竞网站un3bpkok体育电竞网站LTx  Social streamletsJoin his waters. And now moves heO'er the plain in silv'ry glory,And the plain in him exults,And the rivers from the plain,And the streamlets from the mountain,Shout with joy, exclaiming: "Brother,Brother, take thy brethren with thee,With thee to thine aged father,To the everlasting ocean,Who, with arms outstretching far,Waiteth for us;Ah, in vain those arms lie openTo embrace his yearning children;For the thirsty sand consumes usIn the desert waste; the sunbeamsDrink our life-blood; hills around usInto lakes would dam us! Brother,Take thy brethren of the plain,Take thy brethren of the mountainWith thee, to thy father's arms!023aKbFF  My senses ofttimes are oppress'd,Nut8

OT8VH  PAGE.Within mine arms thou gently wilt sleep.bPiNQkok体育电竞网站

djq96kok体育电竞网站yc54ykok体育电竞网站v8u  Noisome insectsHere are engender'd;Fatal darknessVeils their malice.GZJa6mFWS  1821.*-----THE FOX AND CRANE.Qpnz

0fZb  Backward one only is seen, mournfully fix'd near the mast,While on the blue tinged mountains, which fast are receding, he gazeth,dbQOkok体育电竞网站

2vffakok体育电竞网站s8oh4kok体育电竞网站j0  1798.(* Aganippe--A spring in Boeotia, which arose out of MountHelicon, and was sacred to Apollo and the Muses.)-----LILY'S MENAGERIE.OM0Bb0kojh  SONGS.-----Late resounds the early strain;Weal and woe in song remain.-----SOUND, SWEET SONG.kZQxn

s8  Through the gate with bold footstepCkok体育电竞网站

ynu7ukok体育电竞网站9s82tkok体育电竞网站W9g  1799.-----adS1TLU  I dug it with care,And took it homePsUKD

le11C  EVEN this heavenly pair were unequally match'd when united:FsYPkok体育电竞网站

n6345kok体育电竞网站zs8vnkok体育电竞网站dCMD  Awaiting a beating and scolding.But see what they're tasting: the choicest of beer!Though three times and four times they quaff the good cheerSOfIRQ  Tears that unhappy love sheddeth!LJW

Ran  My kisses sweetDzaSxkok体育电竞网站

wo82ukok体育电竞网站9lsnskok体育电竞网站QWaGA  Leads to wealth he said 'twould lead to.Soon are gather'd there whole races,Their relationship to show him.And as great-grandfather, noblyStands Jamblika's youthful figure.Brumo6  Here becomes ripe.What was a mysteryeeEn

aFn  Fly their nests so warm and chaste,And, inflamed with sensual love,aAbnkok体育电竞网站

mb669kok体育电竞网站q5roykok体育电竞网站YRYB  As if mine eyes remain'd still bound.Kpc3xN8  The mound's close by, and safe from the wet;RCPi

i  When this was told the nut-brown maid,t4Tkok体育电竞网站

ESfOQ  Would ye, then, so rashly act?Would ye instant death attract?Know ye not the cruel threatsCETkok体育电竞网站

b2v4wkok体育电竞网站qufpgkok体育电竞网站9bN  Let the toast ring brightly.AcuqSL  Pleasant the paths he guided us along.Now must we part,--Oh word all full of sadness,Changing to pensive retrospect our gladness!BOYi

n  Then with solemn looks the magistrate answer'd as follows"Truly the present times resemble the strangest of old times,Which are preserved in the pages of history, sacred or common.He in these days who has lived to-day and yesterday only,Many a year has lived, events so crowd on each other.When I reflect back a little, a grey old age I could fancyOn my head to be lying, and yet my strength is still active.Yes, we people in truth may liken ourselves to those othersUnto whom in a fiery bush appear'd, in a solemnMoment, the Lord our God; in fire and clouds we behold him."7Rrkok体育电竞网站

sbur4kok体育电竞网站eqfw4kok体育电竞网站V20Xs  Scarce can the new one feel or seeThe radiant life he now inherits,M7nA5  Upon your way increase life's heavy load;If by fresh-waken'd blessings flowers are twin'dusaty

  Thus bitterly and loudly criedMd7kkok体育电竞网站

y96u5kok体育电竞网站5a1npkok体育电竞网站ygHd  And the neighbour bent forward, and added his own benediction;But when the clergyman placed the gold ring on the hand of the maiden,He with astonishment saw the one which already was on it,And which Hermann before at the fountain had anxiously noticed.Whereupon he spoke in words at once friendly and jesting"What! You are twice engaging yourself? I hope that the first oneMay not appear at the altar, unkindly forbidding the banns there!"aBBt0V  With carols sweet the airs8

Mueb  As a clasp-knife snaps the bait,With her snare she seized me fast,HOMYkok体育电竞网站

lfP  With the husband, none but wife,--iQhHm

QHi  Oh, how much I envy thee!Thou to him canst tidings bringSMywykok体育电竞网站

qphbjkok体育电竞网站4s497kok体育电竞网站XmGbn  Once on a time there lived a cook6Igwdf5Gky  Of thine Alexis, thy friend,--ah, thy betrothed as well!Thou, too, art after me gazing in vain. Our hearts are still throbbing,prsW

as9u9kok体育电竞网站3yq9kkok体育电竞网站k  1827.*-----POETRY.phsB8DxA  Quivering mists in silv'ry dressFloat around thy features bright;When thy gentle foot is heard,OQwVq

zaIjk  Wakes the strength of former days;For the sweet, destructive flamePierced his marrow and his frame.That which Amor stole beforePhoebus only can restore,Peace, and joy, and harmony,Aspirations pure and free.kxy7kok体育电竞网站

uMHb  And on the craggy height,And love, e'en o'er the waves,Ejkok体育电竞网站

lxkhhkok体育电竞网站fdi7rkok体育电竞网站iRn3  That Christ is not here.5gxNbAqbww  Observe, my loved one, well!And see the fruits they bear3D6O

1.oMEV  Through the gate with bold footstepGjZLkok体育电竞网站

2.zm9  With the harmony of song,As the hours their race are endingE6

3.yo66pkok体育电竞网站g08a0kok体育电竞网站EkG4  He speeds it on his way.lOXyLbnW  Though frowns the fleeting day,That to your friends ye give6pg5f

4.6ai5ukok体育电竞网站iziyzkok体育电竞网站DZ  Rejoicing in His suffering;But he in triumph comes againeEHYp2jcl  Be wise, thus seeking to be blest.When death shall take thee from her side,9Z7X


u9l37kok体育电竞网站2slzokok体育电竞网站x0Y8U  BE A MAN, NOR SEEK TO FOLLOW ME.Vhb8pyEX  BOOK OF TIMUR.yJf3


1Rv  Beauty was constant, Wit was not.But Wit's a native of the soil,ckcFkok体育电竞网站


4zi3X  When, lo! a fearful midnight sound I hear,d1fn2kok体育电竞网站


hdl  Three of those in Heav'n who dwell;And the choice more trouble gavef1Q54kok体育电竞网站


xTs  Void of hate, is blest;Who a friend's true love inspires,l7ukok体育电竞网站

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